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 July 2011 New addition to the fleet

Due to popular demand we have another little 6 wheeler insulated tipper joining us.  The Scania will have chutes, to help out on the road jobs.  We aim to move the earth to make your life easier.

June2011 Meeting stringent Top soil & transport deliveries

We have delivered over 1000m3  of a multi purpose top soil, which needed to meet stringent quality testing in addition consistentcy was important for our client.  The Hightown flats site in wrexham needed to have timed deliveries, with minimum disruption for the local residents.  We worked closely with our clients to ensure all the sites requirments were met.The grass is now nearly ready for its first cut! 

 May 2011 We're going to the Zoo!

We have supplied a specialist path dressing for the mere cats enclosure, our client also stipulated height and width restrictions, so our team of drivers ensured they delivered before the Zoo opened and manipulated their way under mono rails and between lions and tigers!

 May 2011 Top soil bursting!

The recent analysis of our multi purpose top soil and lawn mix blend, has surpassed even our expectations! 

The organic content and the nutrients are very high, ensuring every tonne is money well spent.

 Winter salt

December 2010 in the Uk has been a month where temperatures have fallen below freezing on most nights.  This has caused another shortage of salt.  We have continued to supply our exisiting customers, ensuring adequate protection through the winter.  Bulk bags and small bags have been delivered nationwide.  We would like to thank our customers for their patience during difficult delivery schedules. 

 New garden designs

Edible landscape design  is growng in popularity and fastly becoming the new 'it' garden design. Everyone is realising the health benefits and £ saving benefits of growing a little in their own pots or gardens.

More and more garden designs are including fruit, veg and salads in the planting schemes.  Flowering herbs, such as oregano, thyme,chives, rosemary can be mixed with edible flowers such as marigolds;with lettuce and carrots providing the green leaf.

As gardening burns more calories than a brisk walk, it provides an add advantage, alongside the knowledge that the lettuce in our salad has no chemicals other than he dressing YOU choose to add!

We have progressed from needing to grow veg to feed our families to enjoying the nurturing and growth

Transaid Africa Challenge 2010/2011 – Register Now!

Have you got what it takes to take part in a Transaid Africa Challenge? Join Transaid in the experience of a lifetime cycling over 400km beautiful Tanzania in November 2010 or trekking 60km though the stunning Simien Mountains in Ethiopia in February 2011. Take part in either of these challenges and help Transaid raise £100k to benefit their vital work to improve transport and change lives in Africa. Contact April at april@transaid.org or contact 020 738708136 for more information or visit www.transaid.org to download a registration pack.

Moving the Salt

11/01/2010 As the Uk battles to keep moving in the prolonged spell of freezing temperatures we are moving the salt around the country in a bid to keep with our clients demands and highway safety.  


Salt mine production is struggling to keep up with the severe freezing conditions and the remaining reserves are being allocated to priority sites.

We are pleased that we have been able to keep up with our pre ordered and account holders salt needs.  Unfortunately we have not been able to supply to new account and non account customers.  We are currently taking further orders and will dispatch once our stock levels have been evaluated.  We are now in a postition to supply an excellent alternative SAFE GRIT, ideal for car parks, footfall, drive ways and side roads.  This is an excellent eco-alternative, safe for gardens, pets and concrete.

 Worlds Largest Mona Lisa

Wexham, more specifically Eagles Meadow shopping complex is to be the home of the worlds largest Mona Lisa.  We are pleased to be involved in the supply of materials, undertaking specifically timed and a unique delivery service. We would like to wish everyone involved in the project every success. More details

"IT’S the world’s most famous painting – but hundreds of times bigger. Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th century masterpiece Mona Lisa has been made into a giant painting-by-numbers which will take pride of place in the Eagles Meadow shopping centre in Wrexham.Community groups will help paint the 82 segments, each measuring one metre by three and a half metres,which will then be fixed to a flat podium outside Marks and Spencer and which can be viewed from the balcony above. " (18/09, Daily Post, Butler)

 Ordering is now even easier

Due to popular demand we now accept all major credit and debit cards via the telephone or in person.  Payments can still be made via google checkout, paypal, COD or bank transfer. 

 Follow the Yellow chip path

We have had the pleasure of donating recycled aggregates and sunshine yellow wood fibre to te local primary school.  This has enabled the school team to create a raised path to their allweather gazebo, ensuring the outside play experience is maximised all year. 

 New MAN to Fleet

Due to client requests we have added a little MAN to our fleet, it will be working even harder to Move the Earth for you as it will be loading itself!  The MAN Grab Tipper has the added advantage of a cam shell bucket, whereby saving you on skip hire costs, digger hire and time. 

 Continual professional development

Congratulations to the 3 amigoes who recently passed the APTT course.  Further congratulations to the newly nominated Health & Safety officer in gaining the CIEH certificate in Health and Safety. 

 Price Match policy

We are so confident that we can save you money, supplying  your gravel direct  to you using our own haulage that we are now offering a price match, we will match and even try to beat any decorative gravel price you have.  For further details please see our policy.

 Moving...16th January, 2009

We are moving to new larger premises and will be located centrally on  Wrexham Industrial Estate.   Shortly we will have samples availiable on site and of course plenty of coffee. 

 15th January, 2009 Women in Logistics UK

We are proud to announce that we on the steering committee for  Women in Logistics UK, whereby supporting, networking  within the industry.  The inaugural meeting was held at Jigsaw Solutions in Coalville and was a great success.   For further information and membershipp, please email or visit www.womeninlogisticsuk.co.uk

 Quarries increase price of all aggregates and road coverings

As of 2nd January there has been an increase in the rates for all quarry products, some quarries increasing aggregtaes by £1.95/tonne.  This has come at a time when the industry needs to keep its prices to a minimum.  In additon to this the QPA, the principal trade body for the quarry products sector has branded the Chancellor’s decision to index link the Aggregates Levy in 2009 as environmentally and economically perverse. In April a  5p increase amounts to a remarkable 25% increase in just two years.

With the steady decrease in diesel prices we will aim to absorb these increases where we can. 

 The wagons park up for the  christmas hoildays on 24th December, the wheels do not start moving again until 5th January, 2009.  However, orders can be placed after 27th December.   We thank you for your continued custom and look forward to working alongside you in the New Year.


17/11/2008 -We are please to announce we are now affiliate of Skills for Logistics, the Sector Skills Council for the freight logistics industries. 

Our  affiliation confirms our support to meet their aims:
Identify and address the skills and training needs of all companies involved in logistics
Present the development needs of employers to Government and its agencies
Present the development needs of employers to the training and supply industry in order to maximise the relevance of training programmes
Design qualifications in response to the industry's needs
Collaborate with other industry bodies and other Sector Skills Councils
Raise the standard of training within the logistics sector
Improve the industry image to attract an increased and diversified workforce


We are supporting Brake's 'FAMILY SAFETY: STOP. IMAGINE. CHANGE' campaign.

 As part of this capaign we will be attending local schools and demonstrating to the children the dangers of blindspots, stopping distance in and around the  the lorries.  click here to see photos of the events

Although HGVs have a lower involvement rate in accidents per 100 million vehicle kilometres travelled than cars (46 compared to 90) reflecting their greater use of motorways and lower use of urban roads. However, their fatality rate in these accidents is twice that of cars because they cause much more damage to the pedestrians or vehicles with which they collide. When involved in accidents with pedestrians, HGVs are up to six times more likely to kill a pedestrian than cars. 

 In addition all our team are pledging to 'drive safely', if you would like to participate in the pledge then please download the form here. To learn more about the work that Brake do click here

3rd November 2008
Government housebuilding targets must be urgently revised in the light of the economic downturn or greenfield sites could be unnecessarily developed, according to MPs.
The Environmental Audit Committee today accuses the government of favouring building more homes over minimising their carbon impact. The dramatic economic developments of recent weeks give ministers the chance to revise the target of three million homes by 2020 so that more emphasis can be placed on environmental concerns, the MPs argue.
Unless ministers change their policies, the committee warns, it will be impossible for local authorities to prevent planning permission being granted for development on Greenfield land even though this extra land may not be needed now that the housing market has declined.
It calls on the government to strengthen planning policy to protect green belt boundaries. Eco-town proposals should also be re-examined to ensure they have good public transport links and are located close to commercial centres and job opportunities.
"Government targets for housebuilding are intended to make homes more affordable by increasing supply", said committee chairman Tim Yeo. "But these ambitious targets were agreed in a time of economic optimism and easy credit.
"Clearly the assumptions on the three million target was based must be reviewed in the current climate." (Huw Morris, Planning Resource)

 Decline in the sector

Aggregates volumes are down in the third quarter of 2008</strong, indicating a construction recession is underway UK sees sharp decline in volumes. The UK’s Quarry Products Association has recorded a sharp drop in aggregates volumes for the third quarter of 2008 indicating that construction is entering a recession. Sales of ready mixed concrete were down 21%, compared to the same period last year, while sales of sand and gravel were also down 17%, crushed rock fell 15% and asphalt dropped 2%. According to the QPA, the use of ready mixed concrete and aggregates are often weighted towards the earlier stages of construction projects, therefore the unprecedented declines reflect not just the problems in the housing markets, but also the lack of new work elsewhere in construction, notably in the commercial and industrial sectors. The QPA forecasts that there will be further significant declines in aggregates and concrete markets in 2009 as the downturn in construction output worsens, and a significant decline in asphalt demand is also anticipated given the small number of major roads contracts in progress and inadequate local highways funding. (Aggregate business europe Published 31/10/2008)

 1st October, 2008

New planning regulations in England and Wales Housing and planning minister, Caroline Flint, said: "From today people will find it has become much easier to convert the loft and build-on an extension. The changes the government has made will mean about 80,000 households a year no longer have to get planning permission."

However, Other changes announced  mean that people putting in driveways or parking areas of more than five square metres will be exempt from planning permission, but only if they use materials that allow water to soak through to the ground. The move aims to reduce surface water run-off and to help prevent flooding.