Would you like a material for a garden path?


Suggested material for your driveways and large paths

Decorative stone gravel / aggregate 20mm , please call us for advice on gravel, crush run requirements for drive ways.

Creating or edging pathways and borders
Slate mulch, gravel,14mm

Reducing weeds and slugs
Slate mulch ,gravel 14mm

Dont forget new planning regulations mean you may need planning for a concrete/tarmac driveway, patio area, save on planning application fees and beware of the environmental benefits and lay gravel on your driveways


 Suggested material for your Patio areas

All Decorative Gravel 14, 20mm

Ground Effects, woodchip various colours, provides a stable path for wheel chairs and prams

Also have you considered gravel, or woodeffects to dressing the tops of pots and containers; this has the advantage of reducing the pots drying out in the  summer and reduces weeding.

- Decorative stone gravel / aggregate 6-10mm
- Cobbles and pebbles

 Building rockeries
- Rockery stone

 Enhance water feaures
- Cobbles and pebbles
- Rockery stone

Laying flags? need a little advice? all you need to know about laying flags and diy


 How much do you need?


Example: 8metre path by 4 metres would need 2.9 tonne. based on 50mm depth of gravel
 Advice and further ideas for gravel uses 

 This site has a wealth of advice about garden design,  the new planning regulations from October,1, 2008

and advice on laying the gravel.