Sport, Leisure and Equine Products

With a professional and reliable delivery you can be assured of high quality specialist products to ensure your gardens, courses, sports pitches and menages are meeting your clients expectations. 


  Golf- call now to enquire about your golf course supplies
  • MR Silica sand
  • Silica Sand; all grades
  • Rootzone; all mixes for free drainage
  • Top dressing, 70/30, 80/20  heat treated 
  • Top Soil
  • NEW-Decorative Golf Path Chip, coloured ideal for heavy footfall areas
  • Grass protection mesh
  • Track Gaurd TM
  • Turf reinforcment, anti ball plugging mesh
  Equine- simply call now or email for further details about our equine products
  • Silica sand; Special formulated sand to provide a firm, free draining surface for both horse and rider.
  • Equine Rubber Crumb  
  • Chippings
  • Arena Fibre, high grade, specially screened and seasoned the interlocking fibres provide you with all year round protection.
  • Clean Stone: ideal for  base construction
  Leisure and Landscaping- simply call now or email for further details
  • Top soil; all qualities for seedlings, tree soil, veggie blend, lawn blend.u
  • Tree soils; .
  • Root Zone; Free drainage principles, to eliminate waterlogged surfaces and providing a nourishing growing medium.Use on gradients where natural topsoil is prone to being washed or worn away.
  • Silica Sand: all grades availiable
  • Bounce back: rubber crumb for lawns
  • Playground Dressing: 100% recycled material, availiable in blue, green, plum, terracotta, brown, Gold
  • Landscape rubber chippings:innovative, highly effective weed control, non compacting,        all colours
  • Rock Salt
  • Grass Track
  • Porus Pavers, SUDS compliant
  • Grass protection mesh
  • Turf reinforcment
  • SUDS aggregates, 

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