Construction -The Fleet

  •  Artic tippers, 44 tonne, with steel & insulated  bodies.  These have the capacity to carry up to 29 tonnes 60m3 with weighers.
  • 8 wheel, 32 Tonne Tippers, with insulated and steel bodies.  These have the capacity to carry up to 21 tonne loads with weighers to maximise load size.
  • 6 wheel, 26 Tonne Tippers, with insulated bodies and hatches.  These have the capacity to carry up to 17 tonne loads, with the additional advantage of accessing limited access sites.
  • 4 wheel, 17 Tonne Tippers, with insulated bodies.  These have the capacity to carry up to 11 Tonne loads.  Extremely useful for smaller sites.
  • Grab Lorry, 26 Tonne Tipper, with steel body and hiab grab bucket.  This has the capacity to carry up to 14 tonnes, saving you on skip hire and loading time time costs.

How are you able to deliver with such competitive pricing & sustainable?

The lorries have the advantage of maximising tonnage to suit your budget. When used with the supply and delivery of aggregates savings are maximised.

The tippers available to you are often used for the shifting of building/construction materials and the removal of waste by-products from construction sites of all shapes and sizes along with contaminated soils, hazardous waste and asbestos removal available on request. 

 How will you be able to use the services?

Vehicles are available by contract, hourly rates or day rates.  

Please contact us for further details and to discuss your site, plan requirements.